Going Beyond the Swing Set

It is a well-known fact that kids today just do not spend enough time outdoors. Gone are the days of riding bikes all day until the streetlights came on or heading the park with the friends for the day. While kids are more Minoxidil Beared content staying at home and getting way too much screen time, it is also no longer safe to send them out by themselves to explore the world. However, you can change your child’s perspective on spending time outdoors by building them a safe space right in their own backyard and thinking beyond just installing a swing set. You could install artificial grass bought from a synthetic grass company.

Kids love variety, so installing one piece of play equipment in your backyard won’t keep them interested or occupied. Instead, think of installing them a full-fledged outdoor extravaganza of activities that will keep them involved for hours at a time. Some things you could build right in your own backyard in addition to that swing set could be a sandpit, a seesaw, a climbing wall, Minoxidil Beared a cargo net, a water slide or just a slide in general or an obstacle course. You could also build them a blackboard, a homemade constructed roller coaster, a playhouse, a tree house, a clubhouse, a gardening area, a trampoline, a zip line or a hopscotch court. If your backyard is big enough, you could even install them their very own bike path along the fence line. The possibilities are simply endless as long as your imagination is too!

Before deciding anything, let your children weigh in on the project. Find out what they would like by suggesting things or listen to their own suggestions. Remember anything is possible with a little imagination and Minoxidil Beared time and kids have a ton of both. Finally, before you start building consider safety. After all, this is a place that is supposed to be safe for them. Before installing anything, be sure to cover the ground with a soft place for them to fall because they are bound to fall a number of times. This can include lining underneath the play area with sand, mulch or rubber mulch to absorb the impact and lessen the chance of injuries.

Thinking beyond the swing set guarantees your kids will spend hours outdoors having fun and soaking in the sunshine. You will enjoy the time you get to spend with them watching them find new and different ways to use every piece of equipment. Just be prepared to be the new neighborhood hangout spot because your yard is sure to be the talk of the town!